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Uzbekistan - a country of eternal, bright and generous sun that smells of the most delicious melon in the world! Uzbekistan is a thousand years around you. It is the most ancient, and so alluring living history of the East. This is an amazing and wonderful world of the great treasures of the ancient mysterious oriental cities and hard-working, hospitable, wise sons.

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Even in the VIII century BC. on the territory of modern Uzbekistan there were ancient states, such as Khorezm and Bactria.

This is the state that gave the world the great men - scientists, poets, doctors, and military leaders: Amir Timur, Alisher Navoi, Babur, Avicenna, Rudaki, Ferdousi, Al-Khorezmi. The list of names of the great sons of Uzbekistan, which brought fame through the ages, is endless.

History of Uzbekistan is rooted in the mists of time. Uzbek land remembers many historic battles and campaigns. This region always attracted invaders.

Sights in Khiva

Over the centuries, many peoples, both nomadic and sedentary, succeeded one another, organized settlements, created families, took over the customs and traditions. Each generation left behind itself cultural heritage. These different historical and cultural destinations entwined in a beautiful oriental melody. Contemporaries received priceless treasure - the ancient monuments of architecture, traditional music and dance, literature and poetry, philosophical writings and discoveries.

The Uzbek people are very poetic and musical. Folk music has a special place here. In every region of the country it is different, and fully reflects the culture, customs and traditions of the region. Uzbek musical instruments, which are used successfully today, appeared a few centuries ago. No wedding is complete without a sonorous karnay (Uzbek music instrument), gay festivals are held under the rhythms of doira (another instrument).

In memory of the fabulous country, it is necessary to bring the unique Uzbek souvenirs. This is first of all Uzbek art pottery. Each city is the center of pottery, which has a unique style, in which it is easy to know the local school master. All products are original; each product has its own pattern. For example, ancient Khorezm is famous for its blue pottery. Pottery appeared in this region in the 18th century. All architectural monuments are shot with turquoise. Khorezm utensils are also unique. All is done in the range of blue, green and blue, and decorated with floral ornaments.

Uzbekistan souvenirs

In other cities - Bukhara, Tashkent, Samarkand, lead glaze is used for the manufacture of products. Therefore, dishes from these regions are characterized by red-brown gamma.

Perhaps, beautiful Bukhara robes, richly decorated with gold embroidery, are worldwide known. This art was originated here many centuries ago.

Gold embroidery art in Uzbekistan reached its heyday in the 19th century. The major center of this craft was, and has been remaining Bukhara. Previously, apparels, embroidered with gold thread were handed down, and were at a premium. Today, these suits are used for the wedding ceremonies.

Masters are trained this work in special workshops. It is a very painstaking work that requires perseverance and keen vision.

Wood crafts in Uzbekistan

Speaking about Uzbek culture, one cannot help to mention art. Every object in the area gives the eastern mood, the spirit of this land. This is reflected in the decoration of the ancient caravanserais, mausoleums and other architectural and historical sights. Miniatures - small, colorful lacquered paintings, were the ornamentation of these majestic oriental palaces.

Walking through the streets of one of the ancient cities of Uzbekistan, you cannot go past the wooden columns that support the vaults of majestic ancient buildings. These columns are so artfully decorated that for a second one struggles for breath. Without fail touch the tree with your fingertips to feel the fineness of the wood master. Bukhara, Khiva. Tashkent and Fergana are the centers of this art.

Uzbek pilaf

Eastern hospitality and friendliness; exotism, abundance of noisy and colorful bazaars; dramatized historic ceremonies and folkloric shows; belly dancing; tasting of Uzbek pilaf, famous Uzbek bread and vintage wines; visiting of craft workshops, where there is a unique opportunity to see the process of production of carpets, ceramics and jewelry articles, as well as embroidery suzane - all this and much more awaits you in the sunny and hospitable Uzbekistan!

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