Video surveillance operators: the need for supermen has not disappeared

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The professional qualities of Distributor CCTV Jakarta surveillance operators are often due to the innate characteristics of specific employees. Dr. Craig Donald, a human factors specialist in security systems, argues that at least one operator with "supernatural" abilities should work in each control room.

Video surveillance operators, starting to perform their professional duties at a specific facility, as a rule, receive comprehensive information about specific signs of unwanted activity, the identification of which is part of their job duties. In particular, such signs are also characteristic body movements - for example, the theft of precious metals in production and theft of food in the supermarket differ significantly in terms of "body language." But for effective traffic control, it is necessary to confidently read information from video monitors, such as, for example, the manner in which specific drivers drive vehicles.

Operators' personal attention spanning abilities have been the subject of extensive research in recent decades. Research commissioned by the British government has shown that CCTV operators generally do an excellent job at X-ray security checkpoints at airports. Scientists from South Africa have come to the conclusion that air traffic controllers also demonstrate excellent performance in terms of visual analysis. However, there are always leaders and outsiders among the workers.

Video surveillance operators: the need for supermen has not disappeared
Decipher "body language"

Common methods for evaluating and selecting camera personnel are to display videos that contain specific indications of criminal or undesirable behavior. However, as practice shows, it is not really possible to predict how skillful an operator will be in the conditions of a real object when using such methods. Body language reading should be based more on adequate training than on the natural qualities of the employee. Naturally, the fundamental ability to capture visual details is also important: if a person does not have such an ability, he has no place in the ranks of operators.

The abilities of people who have not undergone special trainings to recognize body language differ significantly - from completely ignoring seemingly obvious signs of an impending crime to confidently reading the emotional state of the subject in the frame, which does not even coincide with the operator in terms of the socio-demographic profile. In the British Scotland Yard, a whole corps of "superoperators" was organized at one time, recruited from among volunteer police officers and specialized in compiling profiles of suspects from images from CCTV cameras. The work of this unit was recognized as effective: even the latest video analytics are not yet capable of solving such problems.
Remember and recognize by sight

The University of Greenwich, London, actively collaborating with the super operator training program, has published on one of its web resources an open and registration-free online test that allows you to identify people with supernatural abilities to remember and recognize faces. The increased recognition ability can be useful for operators monitoring crowded places - sports facilities, shopping centers, busy city streets. It should be noted that the tendency to memorize faces is not necessarily combined with the ability of a particular operator to recognize body language and behavioral patterns, as well as with attention concentration skills.

Thus, it is advisable to include at least one “super-recognizer” in the operator's shifts at large objects, capable of remembering and recognizing faces from photo and video images. And this person should be relieved of the need to analyze the behavior of people in the frame and detect signs of incidents developing. Let him do what he can. "Supermen", capable of combining at a high level all the required necessary abilities and skills, are rare. And those who can potentially grow into such a specialist will have to work hard.

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