Solo: A Star Wars Story

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Khan and his girlfriend Qi'ra are orphans. They are a reliable support for each other, because in this world they no longer have relatives. Together they plan to leave the planet Corellia, whose inhabitants are mainly engaged in the construction of military spaceships. Circumstances were such that Khan managed to escape alone. His lover stayed, keeping the talisman - her boyfriend's lucky dice - as a keepsake.

Daredevil Khan swears to his beloved that he will not leave her and will definitely return. However, our hero was left absolutely without a livelihood, not to mention the organization of the supply of long-distance flights. In order to get at least some resources to travel to Qi'ra, Khan joins the ranks of the Imperial Navy. Since he was completely alone, he gets the nickname Solo. Thus began the story of the central character of the space opera Star Wars on indofilm.

Film Han Solo: Star Wars. The story is not a numbered episode of the film saga, but only one of the side branches of the story - a spin-off. The casting for the lead role, played by Harrison Ford in the main series, was one of the largest in the history of cinema - more than 3 thousand applicants for the role were viewed. The budget of the tape amounted to more than 250 million dollars.

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